Program Mission:

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to get a hands-on introduction to robotics, understand the Internet of Things around us, and become enthusiastic about the concepts of Engineering and Design. The idea is to become creative with problem solving so they can use the concepts of strategy, creativity, collaboration to address real-time problems around them.

We’re different than scores of other Coding schools out there because of our strong emphasis on Soft skills based on the 6 pillars of Chesstronics Academy, namely, Communication, Confidence, Collaboration, Clarity, Courage and Commitment.

Bring your device and an open mind!


12 weeks


110$ per month for new students / 100$ per month (for current students of the Academy.)

Skill Level:



None. Some block coding or programming experience on Platform(s) like / Scratch is good but not necessary.

Program & Curriculum Details:

Our curriculum creates a balance between use of technology and the development of interpersonal skills – much needed in our 21st century. This is a 12 weeks program.

Week 1: Introduction to Robots

Week 2: Intro to STEAM Robotics and AI

Week 3: Hands On Modeling – Robotics Hand, Table Top

Week 4: Hands On Modeling – Doodle Robot and Solar Robot

Week 5: Advanced STEAM Robotics: Precision, Patience and Practice

Week 6 – 8: Spheros Programming

Week 9: Real Life Applications for Robotics

Week 10: Careers in Robotics (VEX/FLL)

Week 11: Intro to Vex Catapult Robot

Week 12: Intro to LEGO Basic Robot

Please note, this is NOT the Vex IQ Robotics class that we offer for our Middle schoolers.

Program Policies:

Please READ as it contains a release of liability waiver. Click HERE TO READ.


1675 Peachtree Pkwy, Suite #180,
Cumming, GA 30041.

Free Child Discovery Assessment:

We give a free assessment to all children to determine the course of action for each one of them. However, there’s no obligation to sign up to classes.
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